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Trowbridge blind house

Trowbridge Blind House (built c.1758)
located beside the Town Bridge

The Trowbridge Civic Society was formed in 1978 out of the pressure group, Campaign Against Trowbridge Inner Relief Road (CATIRR) which, in the late 70's, fought a hard and sometimes bitter campaign against the proposed inner relief road.  This Relief road would have cut a swathe through historic buildings on the eastern side of the town.
Although this road was never completed, many buildings were demolished to make way for the proposed road.

Our aim is to improve the appearance of the area by preserving what is good from the past and encouraging high standards of design in new buildings, enhancing the image of the area and increasing the number of amenities within Trowbridge and its adjacent villages.

To do this the Society -

  • Monitors planning applications, structure plans and strategy documents
  • Maintains a photographic record of the changing appearance of the town
  • Organises projects for the benefit of the town
  • Supports local activities designed to promote Trowbridge and
    surrounding villages
  • Co-operates with the Town Council and other local and national bodies
    who work for the benefit of Trowbridge and its people
The Trowbridge Civic Society is a registered charity.

Community Governance review

The next Community Governance Review public consultation for the Trowbridge Area is being held at County Hall on Wednesday 11th May at 6:30pm.

This will be the last opportunity for residents of the town to have their say on the future of Trowbridge and ensure that the whole town can be represented by a single town council, ensuring a full range of services and facilities can be provided for the whole community and we can move towards; taking local control of car parks; transferring assets such as Biss Meadows and Paxcroft Brook to ensure that they are cared for in the future, despite further cut-backs by Wiltshire Council; take over Stallards and Seymour Recreation Grounds whilst also investing in new sports pitches; improve all of our children's play areas; retain our town bus services and bus stops and plan for the future of the whole town.

Wiltshire Council will be making a final decision on the town boundary at their meeting on Tuesday 12th July.

Please support the town council's request that existing and new developments on the edge of the town should be included in a revised town boundary for Trowbridge (click here for summary).

You can do this by writing to Wiltshire councillors - their contact details are available on the Wiltshire Council website at cms.wiltshire.gov.uk/mgMemberIndex.aspx?bcr=1.

You can also attend the public consultation meeting at County Hall on Wednesday 11th May at 6:30pm.

Are you interested in planning issues?

One of the most important jobs the Civic Society does is to monitor planning applications in our area.  Two of our committee members monitor the weekly lists, to see if there is anything that needs a response from the Society.
From time to time, there are applications submitted where it would be useful to seek a wider view on how we should respond. We are therefore setting up a consultation group of Society members who can be called upon when needed. If you would like to be included in this group, please click here to contact the committee.